"I joined SWC in 2018 and I can say this is a unique fitness experience. I have been to lots of gyms and classes where trainers aren't interested in you or your goals and can't be bothered to learn your name. SWC is different where all ages and abilities train together in a welcoming, fun, non-judgemental environment. I've been pushed beyond where I thought possible and as such feel stronger than ever. SWC is very much part of my life, it's never a chore to go as I look forward to training with family and friends. Thanks Shane x"  Sally 

"It’s Christmas Eve and I’m stood in SWC about to embark on an hour’s session. That’s pretty unremarkable sounding, but for me it’s a massive life change. If you’d have said to me only 3-years ago that’s what I’d be doing on this day, I would have laughed as I’ve never previously had any love for fitness training. In the past, I’ve had gym memberships with personalised programmes, tried running and other forms of self-initiated training: none of these held me and lapsed rather too easily. In September 2019, I joined SWC. Shane’s welcome was warm, friendly and without the arrogance or swagger that I’d encountered in gyms before. I immediately liked and felt comfortable with him. Joining SWC is joining a family of like-minded people at varying stages of their fitness journeys. I’ve made new friends and never felt judged or intimidated; as Shane frequently says, it’s you versus you and not anyone else. At just over 2-years in, I feel the best I’ve felt in years and fitter than I’ve ever been. I’ve lost 3-stone, have more energy, motivation and feel much less stressed. I love being part of SWC; it’s now a way of life. Thank you Shane." Tim 

"SWC is a great place to achieve your health goals, Shane has created a gym with a very special atmosphere. Whether you are young, old, a beginner, or exercise regularly Shane welcomes you all. His circuit classes are well thought out and are designed to hit every muscle group, but most importantly they are fun. The beauty of it is that whilst you are with a group of people you are able to work at your own level. He regularly reminds us he won’t ask you to do anything that he isn’t prepared to do or hasn’t done himself. He throws in the unexpected challenge ‘the trigger track’ to keeping you guessing and he changes the course regularly. We joined as a family 18 months ago and are now up to 4 classes a week and we are addicted! If you you are thinking about joining take that first step (that’s the hard part) and do it you won’t regret it." Amanda, Jason, Rachel & Jacob

"Since retiring 10 years ago, I have kept fit and active by doing major renovations to the four properties we lived in, but having completed work on our forever home, I found myself at a loose end. 3 years ago I started looking for something I could put my energy into which would achieve results. First, I tried long distance walking, but walking 25 miles across muddy fields, which took all day, was not my cup of tea as it only exercised my legs. Next I tried cycling, but not being able to sit down for 24hrs after each ride, put paid to that!! I had seen SWC posters about, but imagined a room full of mirrors and big 'burly' men. As I am 5ft 7ins and 10 stone, big and burly I am not!! I finally spoke to Shane who suggested I try an hour's personal training to see if it was for me. I was totally hooked. No mirrors no burly blokes, just normal, friendly, like minded people - all on their own individual journeys. I don't go to SWC just to go through the motions. With each exercise, I am determined to do better than before. At the moment, jumping in and out of the big tyre is up to 30 seconds, but I will get to 1 minute. My long term goal is that in 4 years time, when I will be 80, I will be fitter than I am now." Mike