Helen's Story

"I started this journey a long time ago. I realise now it started with a love of food, sadly like a lot of things that you love it became toxic. Food became my addiction, my nemesis, my living nightmare. I had tried every diet going until 3.5 years ago I decided it was time for a change, a big change and so I made the decision to under go gastric bypass surgery. The results of my surgery got me to a point but then the real work began.

16 months ago with some friends I decided to attend a class at SWC, I can honestly say the nerves I felt walking into my first class were unbelievable, however I was welcomed and supported by Shane from that day on. It is this support that has enabled me to better understand the control I have over my body. That, hard work and dedication mixed in with life balance allows me to achieve my goals. I am now able to appreciate a new sense of achievement that physically challenging myself can bring, weather that’s in a class or climbing Snowdon or Ben Nevis.

I am 15 stone lighter, and 10 dress sizes down. I have lost a total of 84 inches/ 213 cm from around my body.

I have not completed my journey, I have new goals but I feel I have reached a point that I need to take my now as my new starting point and not to live in my past continuously. A lot has changed since this started, in fact I believe nearly every element of my life has changed in some way. So tomorrow I wake up on a new page. I take my current measurement and I delete the old ones. I do not lose me but I give Helen chance to grow and be found. If you would like to read my whole story it is at www.findinghelen.co.uk, weight lost is a personal journey, but my hope is that this gets shared and reaches as many as possible and maybe just maybe helps someone. “One day, you will tell your story of how you overcame what you went through and it will be someone else's survival guide. “"