Dave's story

"August 2020 it was all getting heavy man, literally! Over the previous two years I’d lost my mojo for cycling, lost my dog so no more dog walking and being a rep on the road my diet wasn’t the best. With COVID-19 ruining my newly formed business and spring 2020 being so nice, it was drink, drink, eat and drink some more! Talking to my mate, over a beer one night he suggested I come with him to SWC, so arranged to go on Thursday 20th August. Shane was great. Loved his energy and everybody was really friendly. Adapting the exercises from Shane's, it’s been hard but I’ve managed to carry it on over the last lockdown. With cutting down on the alcohol and eating better... Result = 35lbs lighter! 55 in a couple of months and feeling Grrrreeeeaaaatttt! Canna wait to get back in on Monday!

“The first step is to take one”. Keep on Rockin’!"