Shane Wilson-Coates - following a life long interest in fitness and in particular high intensity training, I was given the opportunity to turn my interest/hobby into a career. In 2010 I transitioned from trainee to coach, from there I went on to obtain qualifications in both gym and Personal Training.

In 2014, made the decision to start up on my own and It was at this point that SWC was born. In starting my own business I was able to focus my attention on developing circuit training, that not only supports an individuals physical well-being but also their mental health.

In 2019, I moved into my current premises, this space allows me to offer Focused Intensity Training (F.I.T) classes as well as Personal Training sessions. Over the years it has developed into a fitness family. It is a safe and friendly space that allows like minded people to train together and achieve their own goals.

"As you can imagine there are a few Rocky tunes in class and influences, also take a lot of Bruce Lees philosophy on life, both been a massive influence on mine and also had the pleasure of meeting the man himself Sylvester Stallone "